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who am i

i am a girl, one in 7 billions, who likes photographs, the typographic smell of the books, sunny days, libraries, travelling around the world, listen to the music and get over teen problems. here i will write my feelings about million things, may be ask for help? i want to find new frinds, with whom i could talk all the night and days, and then meet at one moment. i live my life filled with loads of plans i wanna complete. for example...
1) look at the stars whole night
2) walk on the roof
3) buy loads of icecream
4) swim in the sea for hours
5) end up school with the best marks
6) fly on the parachute
7) create a photo journal with memories of my life
8) have a professional photo session
9) go on the ship trip with friends
10) find a person that will be my best friend
11) open my heart
12) read classic books
13) may be someday write my own book
14) go to the summer camp in Europe
15) sew a doll
16) have a pyjamas party
17) fly to Florida
18) buy "wreck this journal" book and complete all the tasks
19) sell something i did by myself for 100$
20) make a vlog/ take some fashion shoots
and many more...
every time, every post will be about a piece of my life, about me, my thoughts.. from which then you, my reader (if you read this) can make a puzzle of what am i in reality, however i want to still be anonymous to you, i won't post my photographs, but as photoshooting is my hobby, i will capture what surrounds me. sometimes i can be phylosophical, but i'm really a funny person. so let me open my heart, so you can open yours for me :)

luv, Lizzy.

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